Coloplast 17467 Pediatric colostomy Bag10/35mm/ pack/1pc

Rs.250.00 Rs.230.00

  • 10/35 mm
  • Secure adherence to the skin
  • Absorption of moisture from the skin
  •  providing skin-friendliness and
  • protection from irritation


Coloplast offers pediatric pouches in many different styles and sizes to accommodate the different stages in a child’s life.  With Alterna pediatric 1-piece drainable, the adhesive is permanently fixed to the pouch. To change the pouch, the whole appliance is removed and replaced. A small pouch size provides a pediatric-friendly pouching solution.

Alterna pediatric 1-piece closed appliances are available in transparent or opaque colour, with a flat, small, child-friendly size baseplate.

Alterna pediatric 1-piece colostomy combines the unique skin-friendly spiral adhesive with a small pouch size made specifically for the special needs of children.

Spiral adhesive, for security and skin-friendliness

The Alterna spiral adhesive is a combination of materials designed for security and protection in a spiral-structure, for:
  • Secure adherence to the skin
  • Absorption of moisture from the skin – providing skin-friendliness and protection from irritation

A comfortable and discrete pouch

Alterna pediatric 1-piece urostomy has a range of features designed to offer comfort and discretion:
  • Secure and easy to use outlet – the soft plastic outlet is easy to handle, and design of the pouch ensures there is no residual urine left in the pouch after emptying
  • Non-return valve – prevents the urine from washing over the stoma, reducing the risk of urinary infections.


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