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Natura® + pouching system offers the latest technologies from ConvaTec, including:

A state-of-the art filter with anti-clogging film layer -Soft and quiet materials -The security of the InvisiClose™ tail closure with Lock-it Pocket™
ConvaTec’s latest pouches combined with SUR-FIT Natura® advanced skin barrier adhesives offer you the security, comfort , and discretion you deserve.



The Natura® + pouches are compatible with SUR-FIT Natura® Two-Piece Ostomy System which is ConvaTec’s most extensive two-piece product line. The SUR-FIT Natura® and Natura® + Flange System signals a secure, accurate closure with a series of audible “clicks”. A simple snap-off, snap on design allows users to change the pouch quickly to match activities without removing the skin barrier from the skin.



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